Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Border Shutdowns by Country

Coronavirus: Travel restrictions, border shutdowns by country, Almost all the countries of the world have shut down their various borders, as well as place travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and has spread to over 100 countries across all continents, excluding Antarctica in just three months. It is currently the biggest threat to human living.

Different countries are employing different measures to protect its citizens. Some countries are in total lockdown while some countries allow certain activities to continue.

Here, we have provided a comprehensive list of all the countries that have applied different measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Before planning for a trip to these countries listed below, kindly make a solid inquiry or consult your agent so you will not indulge yourself on a travel loss.



Since March 19, the government of Algeria has suspended flight travels and sea travels. Currently, no flight is permitted to land on Algeria airports.

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Angola has restricted passengers and airline crew from China, Iran, France, Italy, Portugal, South Korea, or Spain from entering the country. Also, citizens of Angola who have been to those countries are to be quarantined.

Cape Verde

On March 17, the Prime Minister of Cape Verde announced the suspension of all international flights from the following countries: Brazil, US, Senegal, Portugal, Nigeria, and all European countries that have confirmed cased of the novel coronavirus.


Egypt shut down its airports and suspended air travel since March 19, 2020. This restriction is expected to last until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.


Effective since March 17, 2020, Ghana banned anyone coming from a country where there are over 200 cases of COVID-19 within the previous 14 days. However, Ghanaians and official residents are allowed to enter, but they must self-isolate for 14 days on arrival.


Kenya has suspended entry of foreigners from countries that have confirmed cases of COVID-19. Only people with a valid residence permit are to be allowed, as well as Kenyans.


All flights to Madagascar are suspended until April 20, 2020.


Morocco has shut its borders against all international passenger flights to and from the country.


As of March 26, 2020, Nigeria will shut its air and land borders for one month (four weeks).


Seychelles has placed restrictions on passengers that can enter the country. This is effective from March 30, 2020.

South Africa

S.A. has banned flights from the UK, the US, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, and Germany.


On March 17, 2020, Sudan declared a state of emergency and shut down all its land borders and airports. This was a result of the country’s recording of first death from COVID-19.



Only passengers with a valid work permit or on a special mission are allowed to enter Azerbaijan. This restriction has been active since March 23, 2020.


Brunei has shut all its borders against all foreigners.


China has suspended entry by foreign nationals with APEC Business Travel Cards.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong barred all non-Hong Kong residents who have been in overseas countries/territories in the past 14 days from entering the region.


India stopped all tourist visas and OCI entries on March 13, 2020; the suspension stays until at least April 15. Also, India fortified its borders with neighboring countries.


Unless the traveler has a special permit from the Foreign Ministry, no foreigner is allowed to enter Israel.


Jordan halted all passenger flights to and fro the country.


All non-residents are barred from entering Macau. However, except residents of Hong Kong, mainland China, and Taiwan.


All citizens are prohibited from leaving the country while foreigners are forbidden from entering the country effective March 18, 2020. Airports and airspace remain open.[40]


All flights to Myanmar are suspended until April 13, 2020 (23:59 – Myanmar Standard Time).

North Korea

N.Korea has shut down its borders against all international tourists since January 21, 2020. It also tightened/closed border with mainland China.


The European still dialogue that on March 17 they will ban incoming travelers from countries within the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Also, long-term residents or people with long-term visas or residence permits are allowed.


Only citizens of Cyprus and other Europeans working on the island can enter the country. Also, people with special permits are allowed for 15 days.

Czech Republic

Czech closed its borders against non-residents on March 16.


All Denmark borders are closed against all non-citizens since March 14. Only travelers with “credible purpose” are allowed.


Foreign travelers are not allowed into Estonia. Only citizens and people with a right of residence can enter Estonia within this COVID-19 period. Also, anyone entering Estonia is to be quarantined for two weeks.


Asides Finnish citizens, no foreigner is allowed into Finland. Also, only foreigners returning to their countries of origin are allowed to leave Finland.


Hungary locked down its borders against passenger transports. This was said by the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán on March 16.


Latvia restricted all international passenger connections via any means of air, railway, sea, and road.


Until April 13, 2020, all Lithuania borders will remain closed for foreigners. However, except for those with residence permits.


Effective March 16, 2020, closed airports temporarily. Foreigners are not allowed into the country, and exemptions are made for Norwegians returning from abroad, and for goods.


Moldova shut down its airspace and terrestrial borders for all foreigners, only diplomats, and permanent residents are allowed to enter.


Until April 11, 2020, all Poland borders will remain closed for all foreigners except for people with residential or work permits.


Romania barred foreigners from entering the country except for official residents or people transiting the country.


Until May 1, Russia borders will remain closed to foreigners. However, there are conditions for exceptions.


Slovakia closed against all non-residents, and all returnees to the country are subjected to quarantine, falters may pay up to 1659 EUR as fine.


Switzerland borders are currently closed to foreigners


Ukraine is suspending all commercial passenger services, including flights, trains and passenger buses, to and from Ukraine for two weeks.

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