Travelers Guide & Advice on How to Protect Yourself for the Coronavirus

Guide and Advice for Travelers on How to Protect Yourself on this Corona Virus, Relation to coronavirus pandemic has caused many damages globally and take many lives in any countries, we wish to guide and advise our travelers out there to be more cautious and improve more hygienic. reduce the risk of getting affected, know the affected countries and cities.

What is Corona Virus

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Coronavirus disease ¬†(COVID-19) is a strong infectious that caused by a newly discovered, it’s was first reported at Wuhan city, Hubei Province of China. many countries have so far recorded confirmed cases of this disease.

Here are the countries that have so far confirmed coronavirus cases;

International travelers tips and guide

While the coronavirus was still uncontrollable, we advise all travelers to avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and sanitize before touching any object at home.
  • Drink warm water
  • Practice and Maintain a social distance from people who sneezes or coughs
  • Avoid dead wild animals or pet
  • Avoid touching your eye, nose, and mouth

Health Administers and Authorities provides travelers information on how to stay safe even when they board a flight or ship and detect or see any sign, travelers should also be encouraged to self-report if they feel ill, they are some general office point for reports when such case comes up.

it’s wise and advisable to stay at home when you begin to feel unwell if develop fever, cough, and difficulty breathing kindly seek for medical advice.

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