List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Migrants

List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerian Migrants, Hello Africans, we currently driven out some countries you can visit or relocate, if you have intension moving from Nigeria to any Nearest Country only with Valid International Passport Holders.

This Places listed below are Country you will enter without Visa, It’s On African Continent and suitable for a living, Although Few of this countries offers Visas on your arrival in the country for an affordable price, this Traveling is an easy and air Trips, it will reduce you Stress on securing Visa

So, if you’re Planning to Relocate from Nigeria with a low Travel Budget, you can consider traveling to one of these Countries, Also checkmate your Skills and professionalism.

List of Visa Free Countries For Nigerian’s Migrants

Cameroon (Central Africa)

Cameroon (Central Africa)

Cameron is dominated by Muslim and Christian Region, the origin Language is French and Generally Speaks English, It’s a country in Central Africa, The Bordered from West and North of Cameroon and From Chad to the Northeast.

This Country is one of the Visa-free Country, A Nigerian Migrants will Enjoy a Period of 4 Months without a Visa in Cameroon, They are cool places you can visit and settled down without any Eruption like Douala, Yaounde, Kribi and Limbe. Yaounde is the Capital City of Cameroon, It’s Located in Southern Part of the Country.

Kenya: Kenya give Visa-free to Nigerian Migrants, The Means of transport is by flight.

The Ivory Coast (Central Africa)

The Ivory Coast (Central Africa)

Abidjan is the Capital city of Ivory Coast, It’s another Visa free country, West African CFA franc is the Currency used in the country, They are many Lively Up and steady Events in the City of Abidjan, They have the Most Upmarket’ Much wealth Business Men Resides there.

In Abidjan, the Ideal of Good Living is amazing and Lovely, They are common language speaks “Baoule, Senoufo, Agni, Guerre, Bete, Dioula, Abe, Mahou, Wobe and Lobi, Attie Baoule”.

Gambia( West Africa )

Gambia( West Africa )

Nigerian Migrants are Eligible to Travel to the City of Gambia without Visa, the Gambia still remains the small Country in West Africa,  They are interesting places to visit in the Gambia like Senegambia Beach and Kololi Resort, This places you will find Life Lively.

Ghana, Nigerians, Cameroon with Much more Countries in African will stay Visa-Free in the Gambia for 60 days.

The Capital of Gambia is Banjul and currency using is Gambian dalasi, Most Gambians speak bilingual and Clearly understand English.

Togo – Togo it’s Free Visa to  Nigerian’s



Ethiopia still remains the Remarkable safe country in the African, Travelers are extremely safe when you travel to Ethiopia, Addis Ababa is the capital of the state.

They issue Visa to Nigeria after 90 days in the country, The population in the country is about 105 million.


Ghana is one of the Countries that welcome Nigerian’s always, the Country Border is always open for Nigerians, you will be issued Visa after 3 months of living in Ghana, the capital city is Accra and currency using is Ghanaian cedi.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

The country’s heart is For Art and Craft. They play a major role in this creativity, Ouagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso.


Benin Republic

Benin Republic

For any Nigerian that holds International  Passport, you’re Free to Visit Benin Republic with Visa-Free, it’s one of the countries that has Border with Togo, They highly depend on Agriculture. Travelers who are willing to Invest in Agriculture will consider settling down here.

Chad – Chad is another country that gives Visa-free to Nigeria Travelers.

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