Countries You Shouldn’t Visit Because of Corona-virus

Countries You Shouldn’t Visit Because of Corona-virus, Cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in quite many countries and being that this is a critical disease, travelers are not advised to visit such countries. In today’s article, we are going to list the whole countries you shouldn’t visit because of the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Coronaviruses (CoV) started in Wuhan, China and has spread to some neighboring countries. It is a deadly large family of viruses that can cause severe types of severe illness, which can lead to death. We strongly admonish that you harken to our warnings, as well as warnings from various other sources in regards to this deadly epidemics.

So, here are the countries with confirmed cases of Coronavirus. This list will be updated if new cases of CoV are discovered in new countries that are not already listed out on this blog.

Countries you shouldn’t visit because of Coronavirus

1. China

In Wuhan city of China was the first place this virus was discovered. In fact, that was where it started and has now spread to other countries.

Recent publications have it that the Coronavirus has spread across some cities of China, including Macau and Hong Kong. Also, as of February 19, it was confirmed that a total number of 74,185 people living in mainland China are affected by this epidemic. However, Wuhan city of China has the highest number of affected victims confirmed as having been infected with the virus, most of them in and around Wuhan. Sadly, up to 2,004 people have died in China as a result of the virus; as published by China’s national health commission.

It is no doubt that China is one of the biggest destinations for many tourists. But, it is currently not advisable for anyone to visit the country at the moment. In this regard, some airlines have stopped flying to China, and so many other transportation means are halted for the meantime.

2. Australia

Sad to say, but you shouldn’t travel to Australia at the moment. Maybe you should wait for some more time to ensure that the few confirmed cases of CoV have been properly handled. Well, Australia has confirmed that up to 15 people (mostly those from Wuhan and Hubei Province) were tested positive to this deadly virus.

Although the Australia government is seriously employing measures to put things into control, we advise that you don’t visit Australia soon.

3. Germany

Yes, up to 16 persons have tested positive for this disease in Germany. Sixteen people may sound so few, but this disease spreads like wildfire. Nevertheless, the country is trying its best to get everything under control and ensure the disease doesn’t spread across the country.

4. Japan

Japan is one of the top countries you should avoid at the moment. The country has confirmed that up to 542 people in the country are affected by this virus. That’s quite a huge number, and you should take it into serious consideration. Also, just like other countries, Japan is deploying measures to combat this epidemic and make sure it doesn’t spread further to other innocent people. An 80-year-old woman is the only one who has died from this disease in Japan, yet.

5. Korea

Specifically, in South Korea, a few cases of CoV have been reported positive. The cases were in the Daegu-city and Gyengbuk province. Quite a number of South Koreans have been affected by Conoravirus, and the country is trying so hard to put the situation under control. You shouldn’t go to South Korea for the meantime; kindly wait until things are properly taken care of.

6. Singapore

China has the highest number of affected citizens; Singapore follows up. In Singapore, up to 84 people have tested positive to Coronavirus. You shouldn’t visit this country at this time; it is highly risky and not advisable. We will keep you posted on when to visit Singapore again.

7. The Philippines

Not fewer than 3 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in the Philippine. The Philippine health officials have confirmed the report. Plus, one person has died in this country as a result of Coronavirus.

8. United States

Unfortunately, the United States of America is not left out. A few cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in the US; about 15 positive cases. We understand you want to visit the States, but, maybe you should wait for a while, If strictly you have more important things to do in the United States, Be Guide and Pre-caution yourself and know the Virus is there, but Minimum.

9. The UK

In the United Kingdom, not fewer than 9 people have tested positive to Coronavirus. The affected persons in the UK are in England (8) and the capital city, London (1). We advise you don’t visit these indicated cities at the moment.

10. Vietnam

As of February 13, proven sources confirmed that a few people have been affected by the deadly CoV in Vietnam. The country’s authorities have confirmed 11 cases in the Northern Province of Vinh Phuc.

11. Taiwan

Up to 22 people have been affected in Taiwan; however, authorities claim that the affected persons are being attended to.

12. Sweden

It’s just one (1), but it still matters. In Sweden, only one person tested positive for this virus and it’s a woman. The affected lady was said to return from Wuhan; it is believed she infected the virus from Wuhan.

13. Thailand

No such things were said about Thailand’s case. But we are certain that at least 35 persons are affected with Coronavirus in the country. Also, WorldPop data shows that Thailand receives a high number of travelers from the high-risk cities in Mainland China.

14. France

France has recorded up to 12 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and one death. France was the first European country to record cases of this deadly virus. At the moment, we don’t advise that you go there.

15. Canada

In the province of Ontario, Canada, three people tested positive for this epidemic. Also, in British Columbia, Canada, five people tested positive to this. However, everything is being put under control.

16. Malaysia

So far, Malaysia has confirmed that up to 22 people in the country are affected by the Coronavirus, that’s a huge number.

Please make some veritable Research deeply Before you embark on any Trip to avoid Disaster

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