15 Ways of Saving Money While Traveling

Obviously, if there’s a way to save some money from the investment or expense you’re about making, you won’t hesitate to learn about the secret. So it is with traveling; the truth is that traveling can be very expensive; however, here are some handy tips on how you can save some money and still enjoy your holiday or vacation to its fullness.

15 Ways of Saving Money While Traveling

1. Book hotels that serve you breakfast

When looking for a place to stay in your destination, try to go for hotels that serve you breakfast every morning for as long as you would stay with them. Although, obviously, the breakfast charge will be added to the booking fee;  there are hotels that offer cheap accommodation and still serve you breakfast every day.

2. Book for accommodation with a kitchen

If you were able to find a hotel that serves breakfast, that’s a great one. However, it is also important that you book with hotels that provide cooking utensils or have kitchens in their rooms; this is to allow you to make your meals; it will help to save you the cost of eating out inexpensive eateries or restaurants.

3. Live close to your actual location

If you’re traveling for a business or any purpose to another country or major city, make sure you live close to the actual place you intend to visit. This will cut down the cost of transporting/commuting yourself from your hotel residence to your actual destination.

4. Ignore the “executive” suites or “best” rooms

Most hotels have executive rooms/suites, and these types of rooms can be very expensive. Ignore these rooms and go for the regular ones.

5. Why not trek to some places

If the place you wish to go is not too far from where you live, trekking the distance would be a better option than entering a cab or bus.

6. Don’t wait to “buy it there.”

Some people will prefer to buy the things they need when they get to their travel destination. Well, things are cheaper in some places, but it better you buy everything you need before traveling abroad. What if the currency exchange is on the high side and not in favor of your local currency? Get everything you need, and don’t wait to buy it there.

7. Ditch “big” cities

The cost of accommodation in big cities is very expensive. So, it is advisable to stay outside the city; however, you shouldn’t too far away, so you won’t end up spending a fortune on transportation.

8. VRBO – Vacation Rentals By Owner

When you’re traveling with your family, staying in a hotel room may not be that convenient; thus, you can consider VRBOs. Sometimes VRBOs offer better cozy accommodations than hotels.

9. Travel offseason

When you travel during the season time, the cost of everything that pertains to traveling may be on the high side; hence, it is best to travel off-season if you’re looking to save some money.

10. Make a budget and don’t go astray

Create a travel budget and make sure you don’t deviate from what’s included in the plan. If you’re looking for how to stretch your travel budget, we’ve written up a handy piece for you on  How to stretch your travel budget.

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