What to Do When You’re Homesick

It’s not a bad thing to feel homesick; in fact, virtually everyone has felt homesick one or many times in their life. However, here’s what do you do when you’re homesick.

Firstly, it is important to note that being homesick simply means missing the feeling of intimacy between you and your family or best friend. That moment you wish you can pinch or slap your kid sibling at the back and then he/she purses you to retaliate, the joy of being with your loved ones and you’re all cracking jokes and laughing out loud. For quite so many reasons, you may frequently feel homesick when you get into the university or travel afield.

How to deal with being homesick

1. Learn to cope alone

You may have a strong bonding with your family that you can’t stay for long hours without thinking about home. Well, if you keep thinking about home most often, then, you’ll always feel homesick. To stop feeling homesick, you need to learn how to cope with just yourself, and yourself alone. Maybe you should minimize how often you call back home, as well as try not to always be alone all the time. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be calling your family from time to time to check up on them; it’s just that you shouldn’t be doing that more frequently than supposed.

2. Go out and make new friends

This may be difficult for an introvert, but it is certainly one of the best ways to deal with being homesick. When you make new friends in your new location; you’ll definitely spend some time with these new buddies and get to them more; by so doing, you won’t often remember home and you may never feel homesick again. It’s more interesting when your new friends are some kind of crazy dudes and funny lads that can make you laugh every now and then. Making new (lively) friends is one of the best ways to deal with homesickness.

3. Your room is not the only place to be

Some people love being alone and many people love living a private life. However, being alone inside your room for a long time and cause you to feel homesick; this is because at a point you will start feeling bored, pissed, or even upset for no just reason. So, we encourage that you do not stay for so long inside your room if you notice that it makes you feel homesick. Maybe you should hit movie centers, visit bars and have some good liquor, go to restaurants and enjoy tasty meals, or even go clubbing. Don’t spend too much time in your room; it can make you feel homesick.

4. A journal or diary can be of help

Yea, some people have reported that keeping journals and updating their diaries have helped them in dealing with homesickness; how does it work? Okay, let’s share from a friend’s side of view; you can list out the things you miss about home and also list some new things you’ve learned since you left home. Now, comparing the things you miss about home and the new things you’ve learned will teach you feelings don’t last forever, and there’s a need to try to adapt to new changes and move on with life. You can use a mobile diary app for this purpose, or, you could buy a notebook.

5. Buy and keep familiar things

If there are certain things you miss about the home that is affordable, you can buy them and keep them around you; it will mimic the same feeling as if you’re at home. For example, maybe there’s a stylish gear/teddy/device/ that’s sitting in the parlor and you love this stuff; if the stuff is affordable, you can buy and also keep in your room. When you look at the stuff, you’ll feel at home and this can help to alleviate homesickness. More so, with the help of 3D image technology and the internet, you can still view some objects or create graphics scenes of your home environment, then view/watch it in 3D.

6. Always be positive

Obviously, you’ve heard this phrase from different people and sources. There’s apparently no alternative to positive life asides thinking and being positive at all times. However, this can be easier said than done, but you just have to try. Being positive all the time will help you deal with homesickness, we can assure you of this; your family is doing well, just stop thinking that something bad might have happened while you are away; everyone is fine, and if they’re not, they’d let you know ‘cos they miss you too.

7. Tour your new neighborhood and spot the important places

One of the things I do when I move into a new location or travel away from home to a new place is to check out the neighborhood. No doubt, you may have read about the neighborhood from various sources on the internet, but it’s good you check out stuff for yourself. When you spend time exploring the streets, you won’t have much time to think about home, which can lead to feeling homesick.

8. Don’t lose your fitness streak

Researches have proved that exercises release endorphins, a special hormone that makes the body feel good and relaxed, naturally. This can help to mitigate the chances of depression, anxiety, and other obsessions. Don’t give up on your fitness track, continue keeping fit and follow your programs; it will make you feel happy always. Also, when you’re keeping fit, you’re strengthening your hormones to fight against sickness; feelings of sickness can make you homesick.

What more?

These eight tips are proven tips to deal with homesickness. Nevertheless, you should call back home and hear from your family and friends; this helps to reduce anxiety and the fear of thinking that all is not well with your loved ones. Fear and sickness are the two main causes of homesickness. If you overcome these two feelings, you have conquered being homesick.