A Moment You Fell in Love While Traveling

Getting into the “waiting room” and you saw this charming lady sitting adjacent to your seat and it seems she’s staring at you too? From that Moment You Fell in Love and start admiring the lady, You cheerfully started a conversation with her and she’s replying real cool? Man! This girl is cool and fit for my kind of person, you thought? The chat continued and it happens you’re both traveling to the same city; she’s lively, fluent in speaking, and has good communication skills; you’re already feeling like you’re going to love again?

Well, if you haven’t experienced it or seen it happen; the truth is that there are many people out there that do fall in love with someone they are traveling along with, or someone they meet with during travel. Well, in case it happens to you – that moment you fall in love while traveling; these are some handy tips that can help you handle everything calmly.

The moment you fell in love while traveling

Let me start by telling my own story of how I fell in love while traveling.

It was a sunny day, Actually, I wasn’t traveling by air, and I commuted in a public transport. When I got to the park where I was to enter the bus, I noticed a pretty young lady coming from a distance and she looking really stunning. I was caught up by her beauty, so I decided I would keep walking straight till I got to her.

It looks as if she was having the same thought with me because she kept coming directly towards my position. Soon, we were close to each other and we both smiled as we passed and continued walking in opposite directions.

I hastened to the secured by the seat on the bus, and I prayed the pretty young girl was going to be on the same bus with me. Thank heavens, when I sat on my seat, I noticed a similar figure entered the bus and sat just beside me; I slightly looked at the figure and it was the girl.

I was really happy and a lot was going on in my mind. I didn’t want to appear desperate and also didn’t want to sound like the other guys she may have met during travels.

Falling In Love While Travelling

At first, I wasn’t sure this is love, but I know I felt something unusual when she sat beside me. To cut the long story short, I actually started a conversation with her and she was responding very well. Our bus has already gotten on the go while I was chatting with this new girl.

She appears to like me and agreed that we can meet at a calm place to discuss more about ourselves. When I got to my destination, behold, it was also her destination. Everything was just working just like a written movie script.

We exchanged contacts and later met at a cool place where we discussed and length, which led to our relationship that has lasted for quite some months now. Cindy is her name, and she has such a nice person I’d love to live with forever.

What am I insinuating?

It is possible to fall in love while traveling and there are chances that the person you fell in love with is a good match. So, when such things happen, free up your mind, take the bull by the horn, and let the person know that you have feelings for him/her.

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