Healthy Travel Snacks and Food around the World

If you’re an Android smartphone user, then, you’ve certainly known some *yummy* foods from around the world; but, maybe, you didn’t know Healthy Travel Snacks and Food around the World! All Android versions have a codename; e.g. Gingerbread, lollipop, marshmallow, pie, etc. However, the current Android V10.0 doesn’t have a codename; it is the only Android version without a codename. Well, here are some of the world’s favorite foods you should know; you’ll taste these foods when you travel around the world. Most of these foods are only found in specific countries and they are really tasty.

 17 Healthy Travel Snacks and Food around the World

1. Australia Meat Pie

Australia Meat Pie-min

This special type of meat pie can only be found in Australia and New Zealand. It is a yummy pie prepared with lots of ingredients that are good for the body. This meat pie is iconic in these countries where it can be found. When next you visit New Zealand or Australia, try to have a bite of the Aussie Meat Pie.

2. LasagneAlla Bolognese

LasagneAlla Bolognese

You may be visiting Italy one of these days, and when you get to the country, ask around where you can eat this tasty food. LasagneAlla Bolognese is a traditional dish from Emilia-Romagna; it is prepared with egg pasta, creamy béchamel, and Bolognese ragù. This food is very popular among people that travel around the world.

3. Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese-min

You may find this food in different countries, but the particular one from North America is prepared with one or more cheese, making it the tastiest grilled cheese you would ever taste! Grilled cheese is well-buttered and it looks very attractive to the eyes. Also, it is very sweet and passes swiftly through your mouth.

4. Wonton


On your first visit to China, you will be surprised by the varieties of strange foods you’ll see, of which Wonton is among. Wonton is a classical food that originates from China; it is prepared with flour, egg, water, and salt. Wonton can be finished in different shapes, depending on the choice of the customer.

5. Kimchi


Kimchi is one of the good foods you should try to taste when you visit Korea. It is prepared with quite a lot of ingredients, especially vegetables. The ingredients used for this food are salted and fermented. Kimchi is recognized as one of the popular foods in the world; it tastes really good.

6. Seafood paella

When next you’re in Spain and you’re hungry, maybe you should try eating the Seafood paella. This food is an attractive food seen in Spain and it can keep you going for a very long time after eating just a plate. Paella is a Spanish rice dish originally from Valencia; it is also one of the best-known dishes in the country.

7. Nachos


A portion of food made with heated tortilla chips or to topos covered with melted cheese, Nachos, a Tex-Mex dish from northern Mexico is one of the best you should try. However, this food is often served as a snack or appetizer.

8. Fish and chips

Fish and chips

This may look common, but it a special food from England. Fish and Chips consist of fried fish served with chips in the batter. The fish and chips aren’t joined together with any other ingredients; they are separate.

9. Chili crab

Chili crab

Coming from Singapore, the Chili Crab food may not look attractive to some immigrants or travelers, but it is one of the best foods in the country. This Southeast Asian seafood dish is prepared with mud crabs stir-fried in a semi-thick, sweet and savory tomato-and-chili-based sauce.

10. Satay Indonesian Dish


This food is quite popular and available in different Southern Asian countries, which includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, etc. Satay is seasoned, skewered and grilled meat served with a sauce.

11. Lechon


For people that love pork meat, you’re gonna get lots of it to eat when you get to the Philippines and order for a Lechon meal. This is a tasty meal prepared with suckling pig and is usually served hot. Lechon is, however, available in different countries of the world, including Spain, but you’ll love the one from the Philippines. Also, Lechon can be called “Roasted Pig Meal.”

12. GoiCuon


GoiCuon, A.K.A Summer Roll is a Vietnamese food prepared with pork, prawns, vegetables, bún, and bánhtráng. It is also called Vietnamese spring roll or salad roll because it is served as a roll and a stick is inserted into the roll. This food looks appealing to the eye and it does taste good. You may not find this food elsewhere except in Vietnam.

13. Butter garlic crab

Butter garlic crab

If you’ve tasted Chinese Chili Crab, you would love to have a bite of this food from India. The Butter garlic crab is a sumptuous meal garnished with enough pepper (Chilies) and is typically served as a side-dish in India. Well, some people have learned the recipe for making this food, and thus, you can also see it in different countries.

14. Croissant


This is a typical bread food you may eat once and wish to eat it over and again. Croissant is prepared in different countries and it contains a lot of butter. You may not eat only Croissant; there are some good filings you can add to Croissantand enjoy a tasty meal.

15. China’s Hot Pot

Hot pot in Sichuan, China
A person is eating hotpot scene

The name Hot Pot would certainly leave you wondering about some hot meal. Yea, Chinese Hot Pot or Hotpot is a boiling pot of soup kept at the dining table, containing varieties of sweet East Asian foodstuffs and ingredients. It is delicious food in China and contains quite a lot of ingredients.

16. Moussaka


Available mostly in the Balkans, Greece, Levant, and the Middle East, Moussaka is a potato-based dish or eggplant prepared with ground meat, cheese, and a thick sauce. It has different variations and can be served hot or cold. Moussaka remains one of the favorite foods around the world.

17. Pork Knuckles

Pork Knuckles

Here is another good meal for pork lovers. Pork Knuckles, locally Schweinshaxe in Germany is an over-roasted ham hock. It is served along with different fillings. This food contains a little fat and lots of tendons.

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